Monday, September 21, 2009

My to do wish list

A couple weeks ago I was talking with some friends and we got to talking about the movie "The Bucket List". One of them didn't know what it was about, so we started telling each other some of the things we would like to do. I kinda got to thinking about some of the things I would like to try and even do.

Here is my to do wish list of things I want to accomplish in my life:

1.) learn how to swim
2.) go to a Tennessee Titans game
3.) visit Mt. Rushmore
4.) visit Colorado, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston
5.) see a broadway play in New York
6.) two week Alaska cruise
7.) choose a couple good friends, go to Epcot & MGM Studios for a weekend
8.) go fishing
9.) road trip-no plans no destinations, just go
10.) go to Boston to see Red Sox vs Yankees
11.) go to a women's christian conference
12.) meet a person(who is single) to hang out, talk, share, encourage each other on our walk.
13.) Hot air ballon ride
14.) sky diving
15.) para-sailing

This is what I come up with so far.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Miami Hurricanes!!!

I went to watch the Canes vs Ga Tech game at Kelly's house. We had all kind of fattening food and conversation. She was laughing at me cause I kept yelling at the TV and started before the kick off! I had to be quiet because the kids were asleep and didn't want to wake them. Kelly kept saying I was hyper and excited during the game. But we kicked some butt!! Canes won
33 to 17 and here we come watch out ACC!!!

Cheese sticks, popper, cookiebar brownies!! YUMMY!! Football food.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hillsong concert

I was invited by Patricia and Venus to go to the Hillsong concert Saturday night. We started off by hitting a pizza place in Coral Gables, where I had the biggest slice of pizza I have ever had. The concert was amazing and I had awesome time! I met a new single, Jessica, she met us there. The place was rocking and worshiping! We heard a powerful message "blood stained believer". You could feel the presence of God in an unbelievable way. There were songs that they sung that never affected but last night I couldn't help but let the tears flow. Afterwards we went to Tony Roma's for a late night snack. We laughed so hard and just an a great night of fellowshiping. I was very blessed Saturday night and I thank God for it.

Here are some pictures I took with my cell phone, they may not be that great.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


On Saturday I flew to Nashville, Tennessee to visit my family.  My cousin Janis and her girls came to pick me up, I had never flown into Nashville before so it was kinda cool.  Once I got off the plane and got my luggage we headed to The Opry Mill Mall and did a little shopping.  Afterwards it started raining so didn't get to do any site seeing in Nashville but Janis took to a restaurant called "Old Chicago", it was a deeeeep dish pizza place and it was so thick I could only eat one slice.
I had a blast seeing my family and having a cookout with everybody.  Katherine and myself we walked everywhere almost everyday. After all the  walking I still gained 3lbs!  Janis and myself went back to day when we were little and saw the house that our grandma lived in in  Fulton County.  On Sunday and Wednesday I went to hear my cousin preach and he gave a powerful message on both services.  I also got to run the slides on Wednesday night (felt like being at home).  I enjoyed my time with my family and going back to our memories and saying "do you remember when..."  I wouldn't trade the time and trip for anything in the world.  One treat that Janis did was on the way back to Nashville she took me a different route; she wanted to show me the Tennessee Titans football 

Here are some pictures from the trip.....

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


My new addiction........"Law & Order:Special Victims Unit"

Well lets say that I am not hooked....addicted is more like it. Ever since I came back from New York last October I have not missed an episode. I decided to go out and buy seasons 4 to 9 of the "Law & Order:SVU", everynight I have been going to bed at midnight just to watch 6 seasons worth. I have been enjoying it and thankful that I haven't been waking up at 5:30am sleepy. I need seasons 1 to 3 and 10 comes out in September.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

BEYONCE'S concert

Last night I went to see Beyonce in concert. A couple of my closest friends (Tonya & Kiana) were able to get tickets and we went together and had a blast! Beyonce put on an AWESOME concert!! I did not sit for the entire show and it was worth every penny I spent. Last night towards the end of the show she handed the mic to a guy in the audience because he was proposing to his girlfriend. My seats were better than what I thought and I could have kicked myself for not bringing my camera with me but I did get some pictures with my cell phone. This was by far the best concert I have EVER attended by any artist! I really enjoyed hanging out with 2 of my closest friends for the concert.
I sat on the floor center stage about 40ft from the main stage and 5ft from the second stage, where she performed for about 30 minutes. When she got to the second stage she was lifted up from behind the main stage was carried over the crowd while she sang. When she got closer to where I was sitting I could not believe how close I truly was. Beyonce ended the show with "Halo" which is my favorite song, just so happen to be my answer tone on my cell phone. I am actually closer than what the pictures show cause it is from my phone.

It was an awesome night and right now I am at work going on about 2hours of sleep but it was worth it!! Here are some pictures from my cell phone and I took more than this.....

Graduation pictures

Here are some pictures from my niece Amanda's graduation. I was so very proud of her and love her very much.